French Tech Ticket 2017 candidates

First of all, let us congratulate you for applying to the French Tech Ticket 2017 Program. We wish you the best and hope you will be part of the lucky ones!

French Tech Ticket

You will find below all information about La Paillasse, what we do & what we offer to the French Tech Tickets laureates.


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La Paillasse is a non-profit transdisciplinary laboratory focused on accelerating scientific startups & Open Science programs. Located in the heart of Paris, we are an alternative to classical academic research centers, opening the lab to entrepreneurs, designers or artists. Thus, we enable a creative environment to experiment freely at the interface between disciplines. Hence, La Paillasse puts openness, transdisciplinarity & empowerment as key values of its ecosystem.






We base all of our actions on the general interest. Thus, we like to enlight and push forward projects that tackle big issues of our time in sectors such as healthcare, bioeconomy, cleantech and low-tech.


+ Social Hub

La Paillasse was born in a squat in Paris’ suburbs 5 years ago. At that time, we could realize how hard it is to be heard as a young and growing project. That’s why we open now our doors to all kind of non-profit events (science, entrepreneurship, social, arts), thus gathering a large and diverse community in our space. We host an average of 2-3 events per week.




+ Open Science Programs

We make a point in opening research programs to anyone who wants to contribute to science in a similar way to Wikipedia does for knowledge. During a 6-month challenge focused on a specific research topic, we provide participants with all they need (events, online platform, advisors) to create teams and work on scientific data & articles. In the end, different kinds of output are expected: scientific article, startup, PhD project, etc.



Discover, our first Open Science Program in partnership with Roche on cancer epidemiology


+ Researcher-in-residence program

La Paillasse offers residency in exchange of worktime for  around 40 young scientists, entrepreneurs, designers and even artists who need space and time to work on personal, startup  or research projects.  During 6 or 12 months and upon selection, the residents have full access to La Paillasse in order to bring their projects to life, with the help of our team and our ecosystem.

More information to come soon


+ Startup Acceleration (French Tech Tickets)

Whatever the technology used (wetware, hardware, software), La Paillasse helps early-stage startups make their first proof-of-concept, find their business model & meet future partners through its full-equipped space & its vibrant ecosystem of industrial companies, high-skilled scientists & successful entrepreneurs.

Here are some of the startups we have accelerated: Pili, Glowee, Dymond Cleantech, Cophenol, FlyLab, Meiso, Hall Couture…






Startups accelerated within La Paillasse benefit from a close and regular follow-up from the team on:
+ business topics (business model, partnerships development, networking)
+ technical issues (biology, hardware, electronics)
+ legal advices
When needed, we do our best to link startups with specialized advisors from our enlarged and transdiscplinary community to ensure that no issue remains unanswered.

Our follow-up takes place on a weekly basis for quick updates on the project, as well as on a monthly basis for a one-hour meetup to deep dive into the issues faced by the startup.


As part of the French Tech Ticket package, we hence offer acceleration and hosting service to the selected startups, including:
+ privative desk
+ access to office services
(wifi, printer, coffee & kitchen)
access to the ProtoBase (aka FabLab with basic electronic & mechanics equipments)
+ personalized follow-up, dedicated sessions with mentors
+ privileged networking
with our partners
access to all our ecosystem (public events on science & entrepreneurship, thematic communities, social network groups).


Here are some pics of La Paillasse corworking space, kitchen & ProtoBase. Private desks room is currently in refurbishment.





Extra services

We also offer access to our biology lab as an additional service.

€400/month not incl. VAT for a shared bench in a full-equipped L1 (French first level of containment standards out of 4) biology laboratory, including tissue culture equipment, centrifuges, microscopes, plate readers & cold storage.




Feedback from FTT 2016


Dymond Cleantech: « French Tech Ticket is a great program for foreign entrepreneurs to realize their entrepreneurial dreams in France. Thanks to the incubator La Paillasse for hosting Dymond Cleantech, encouraging us and providing us with timely information and services. I enjoyed the quite office space with uninterrupted high speed internet and fully equipped research labs. Speaking of the staffs, everyone is very friendly and run like clockwork. Special thanks to the Lab manager Ms. Clea Beauvais who is always there to solve our problems and make things easier. So, if you are gearing up for the next generation Biotech/Cleantech startup, La Paillase is the best incubator for you. »

Cophenol: « French Tech Ticket was a great opportunity to work full-time as an entrepreneur. The program provides us all the infra-structure to work and live in Paris. Furthermore, the program allow us to have access to this huge community of start ups that are ready to share their experiences and learn with the experience of the others. »


Do you feel like being accelerated with us? 
We are waiting for you! Maybe see you next year 😉