Context of bioproduction
A revolution is growing regarding the way we produce, use and recycle products. This new era will be ruled by microorganisms, microscopic living beings that can be cultivated to produce a wide variety of renewable materials at industrial scale. Mostly used for ages in the food industry through fermentation (beer, bread, cheese, chocolate, vinegar..) and more recently in health care where engineered microorganisms produce pharmaceutical molecules (insuline, …), these champions now show up again in the production of smart and renewable materials.

Biofabrication of colors, our mission
We choosed this new way of production to work on something we cannot live without : COLORS! PILI is focused on the biofabrication of colours produced by microorganisms in order to replace the petrochemical versions (non-renewable, toxic to work with..) and the vegetal ones (non scalable, expensive, dependant on weather..). A lot of industrial sectors have been waiting for such a product and now cooperate with us, eager to use our living colors, from textile to cosmetic factories, to develop the future of colors in which we can already predict that affordable and sustainable products will lead the way.

History of the project
Everything started in the framework of La Paillasse in 2012 where we made our first proof of concept and created workshops for adults and kids to introduce them with those new modes of production. Workshops took place at the Science Gallery (Dublin), Gaîté Lyrique (Paris), Victorian & Albert Museum (London), Opéra Bastille (Paris), La Paillasse (Paris), Genspace (New York). The enthousiasm people showed gave rise to an ambitious project : to bring these biofabricated colors to the many, and to include them in our everyday life’s products. In 2015, PILI moved in a big cluster for biotechnologies : TWB (Toulouse White Biotechnologies) where the core of the project is done in biology. PILI still has an office at La Paillasse where the research in design and prototyping takes place.

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